Paper Bead Making Tool – Home Page

Use this paper bead making tool to make...

...these gorgeous paper beads.

Get busy with making some paper beads from junk - all you need is my paper bead tool which you can get here on ebay.

Ok - don't waste any more time thinking you can't be creative, paint or make pretty, crafty stuff as well as other people. Just DO IT! No one said you had to be good at it to enjoy yourself. It's all about the process - not the end result - and as you jump in and do stuff - you will get better and better!

An easy way to produce beautiful crafts quite quickly is to start making paper beads. Watch my video here  and then grab yourself a paper bead making tool from ebay (see above).

Or maybe have a play around with dripping alcohol inks, like I did here, to see what images form.

Jump right in and have a dabble with some lovely alcohol inks - just watch this video to see what else you can do with them.