About Fun Crafts

One of my crafts workshops at Keep On Crafting in Bury St Edmunds.


Fun crafts is exactly what it says. 

Because art and craft should be fun.


My life is all about creativity through writing, painting, photography and crafting.

As a writer, I do have a blog at www.anythingexcepthousework.co.uk but this website is for connecting with other creative people who have an interest in art, artists, crafts and photography.

 I hope maybe it will encourage those who think they aren't 'good enough',  to start splashing paint around, take up a craft or other creative hobby such as photography.

We can all learn from each other. My belief is that we are never done with learning - ever. And to be creative, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

To be creative, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Click To Tweet

For many years, I used photography as my creative outlet because I believed I wasn't 'good enough' to paint, draw or craft.

My fear of not being able to produce something others would admire stopped me from participating in and enjoying the act of creating.

An image I painted using alcohol inks - and I 'can't paint'.
A student at one of my workshops learning how to make paper beads.

Art and crafts are my life now - but it was't always like that.

For so long, I restricted myself to photography believing it was my only 'arty' talent.

One day, around 15 years ago, I decided I was denying myself so much joy through worrying or caring what other people might think.

The day I stopped caring and started enjoying was the day I began to develop my creativity.

Since then, I have spent countless hours completely absorbed in the process of art and craft. The end product didn't matter to me. 

In fact, I threw many of my efforts away because I didn't like them BUT it did not matter - I had enjoyed the doing.

There is a huge meditational aspect to playing with paint and other creative mediums like clay or beads. Time just disappears.

Worries are forgotten and brains get a rest from life. As time went on, I developed my skills and began to produce work I was proud of.

People started to admire what I had done and would say 'Wow - I wish I could do that'. It made me smile.

That was me before I just let go of my ego and jumped in. 


Absolutely anyone can enjoy an afternoon of crafts or just sploshing paint around. What you produce does not matter.

I cannot paint or draw realistically but my goodness I LOVE playing with colour in an abstract way on big canvases that once scared me.

I have ripped up work that I didn't like but I have never regretted the fun and relaxation I had while creating.

Do you secretly wish you were creative? Well I am here to tell you you are. 

If you live in Suffolk, come to one of my paper bead workshops. Making paper beads is the fastest way to explore your creativity.

It is easy once you have the right tools and there is huge scope for using your own colouring or painting to make the beads.

You DO NOT have to be 'good' at crafts to have success with this workshop. It is fun and sociable.

If you want intensive tuition, I also do one-to-one sessions to get you started. Please fill in the contact form with your phone number or email address and I will contact you.

You can find details of my workshops by clicking here.

You are very welcome here so please ask me questions about anything you see. If I can't answer you, I will do my best to point you in the right direction to someone who can.

No matter what your believe you ability to be - let yourself loose with some crafts and free your artistic soul!


Talk to me! Lets have a discussion.