Christmas Crafts For Kids – Decorations Made From Bread!

Christmas crafts for kids are very sought after at this time of year.

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There are some brilliant projects around but really - how on earth do you get these...

christmas crafts for kids

...from these?

christmas crafts for kids

Yes seriously, I made these Christmas decorations from bread.

After making the first batch, I soon realised this is a brilliant addition to any mum's repertoire of Christmas crafts for kids.

They are so cheap and easy to make and, they look really trendy.

I have seen decorations like this in the fashionable places where they sell ridiculously expensive home decor items to people with money to burn.

(Usually in places where they also have barn style cafe's full of trendy food normal people can't afford.)

There seems to be a thing going on for decorations that are quite textured with dense fibres.

Well guess what, that's what these look like! And for a fraction of the cost.

christmas crafts for kids
christmas crafts for kids
christmas crafts for kids

If finding Christmas crafts for kids is a priority for you - try these gorgeous decorations.

With supervision, children as young as four could easily do this and have lots of fun painting and sticking.

Christmas Crafts For Kids - a Step-by-Step video tutorial on Making Christmas Decorations From Bread

Below are some links to products you may find useful for this and future projects.

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Let me know if you make any pretty decorations from bread.

Scroll down to where it says 'leave a reply' and let me know if you are going to try this or have any other ideas for inexpensive  Christmas crafts for kids.


  1. Thanks for this Gilly, We too are doing Christmas Crafts for Children on Thursday this week and on Sat Nov 19th in th eApex, not quite as cheap as yours perhaps but not mega expensive either. Just a couple of sheets of card, some paint and and 2 Elizabeth Shaw chocolates to make some Christmas tree hanging decorations.

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