Saucer Beads – What Are They?

Beautiful Paper Saucer Beads

Saucer Beads

Saucer beads can be quite tricky to master when you first get into making paper beads.

I tried all sorts of ways but then I found the best way to make saucer beads of all different sizes is to use the layering process.This works best of all for me.

To make the necklace you see above, I used an old 12 x 12 inch sheet of scrapbooking paper I had laying around. I cut it into quarter inch tapered strips and then layered them to get a variety of shapes and sizes.

Saucer beads can be quite tricky to master when first making paper beads. Click To Tweet

Saucer Beads

Easy Beady Paper Bead Tool

Saucer Beads

Quarter inch paper strips

Saucer Beads

Saucer beads made from quarter inch strips

Saucer beads of varying sizes can add shape and design to a necklace.

I designed this necklace on paper before I even made the beads, so I knew what shape the necklace would be. Using the saucer beads gives the necklace a focal point. 

Having one larger one in the centre, followed by two smaller ones on either side and then two even smaller ones breaks up the line of the necklace.

Saucer beads are much easier to make if you have the Easy Beady paper bead tool.

One of the reasons I designed and made the Easy Beady paper bead tool was because I struggled to make paper beads that were of a consistent high quality.

Other bead rollers, particularly those made from bamboo skewers, kept dragging the middles out when I tried to get them off the stick after rolling.

Saucer beads were very difficult to master using a bamboo roller. Since I designed the Easy Beady using a metal shaft for rolling, my beads have been really easy to make.

Saucer beads, while still fairly tricky, are much easier with my bead tool. My tool is available to buy on eBay.

Saucer beads are much easier to make with the Easy Beady paper bead tool. Click To Tweet



Saucer Beads

The 3mm Easy Beady Tool

Saucer beads

The Easy Beady Duo 3mm & 5mm in one.

There are two bead tools to choose from. There is the 3mm Easy Beady which gives a 3mm threading hole through the beads.

You can go straight to the eBay listing by clicking here. The cost of the 3mm tool is £5.50 plus £1.84 p&p signed for.

Or you can buy the Easy Beady Duo which has a metal shaft at either end.

At one end you have the 3mm tool and at the other end you have the 5mm tool.

The 5mm tool gives you a 5mm threading hole through your beads which is ideal for heavier weight stringing materials such as leather.

You can go straight to the Easy Beady Duo listing on eBay by clicking here. The cost of the Duo tool is £9.50 plus £1.84 p&p signed for.

With this tool and some practice, you will be making brilliant saucer beads to make gorgeous jewellery to wear or give as gifts. 

If you have any questions about saucer beads or any aspects of paper bead making, please contact me via the contact form.

I do hold paper bead workshops in Suffolk where I cover everything from the very basics for beginners to more advanced techniques such as layering for making saucer beads.

Saucer beads
Saucer Beads


  1. I will stick to looking at the beautiful saucer beds coz I just dont think I can crate them aat all. You got talent gal! Thanks for sharing at the Pit stop!

    Julie Syl – pit stop crew!

    1. Ha ha – shout all you want! Yes I did and thanks for the compliment. I sold that one and am about to replace it (I have my stuff in a local shop where crafters rent shelf space). I think I will do a bold purple one next – you have inspired me!

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